Our visitors could meet the three month old triplets of Amur Leopard for the first time. Together with their mother Khanka they were released to the outside exhibit in the...

Prague Zoo has become European leader in the breeding of owls from south-east Asia – Buffy Fish Owl. Prague is now the only Zoo, which successfully reared fourth owl chicks and now participates in establishing new couples of birds brought from all over Europe.

This year, the main theme of the spring holiday in Prague Zoo are the endangered polar animals. For the whole two weeks, children and adults can participate in the thematic knowledge competition, which is a part of the world public awareness campaign Pole to Pole.

Prague Zoo has announced the results of the long-running campaign to support the adoption of animals. Last year, a record number of adoptive parents decided to continue their adoption, which raised almost 3.5 million CZK.

The ever so cute little leopard cubs, born at the end of November in Prague Zoo, are happily playing around and have even started to taste meat.

The killing of the young male giraffe, Marius, in Copenhagen zoo provoked a wave of emotion, but it also highlighted the difficulties of keeping of wild animals in captivity and the fundamental differences in the perception of what is right and what is natural.

Elephant Sita and the baby orangutan Diri from the Prague Zoo celebrated their first  birthday. l ast Sunday 9th February 2014.. The  Zoo was  filled with masks of elephants and orangutans, as the main attraction was a carnival.

Two Ural Owls, which are the largest Czech owls, travelled from Prague Zoo to Austria. They will help to  preserve local wild population which has significantly decreased. During previous years Prague Zoo repeatedly released Ural Owls also to the wild forests of Šumava.

Prague zoo has managed to obtain two females of Southern Lesser Galagos  from New York. The transportation, which is important for the entire European breeding of these cute primates, was until the last moment endangered by the strong freeze in the USA.

The high-water that hit Prague Zoo in the first June days flooded the lower part of its area , but fortunately  it hadn’t reach the level of 2002 floods,  therefore the damage was not so big.