About zoo

About zoo
The rare Titicaca Water Frog arrives at Prague Zoo. Now Prague Zoo, together with certain North American and European zoos, is involved in a programme to create an insurance population in captivity. Photo: Petr Hamernik, Prague Zoo.

On Friday evening, a package of seventy Titicaca Water Frogs arrived at Prague Zoo. These frogs are exceptional in many aspects; they only live in Lake Titicaca, however, they are critically endangered, primarily due to pollution. Prague Zoo, in conjunction with certain North American and European zoos, is taking part in a...


The history of Prague Zoo goes all the way back to the year 1881, when, on the occasion of the wedding of Crown Prince Rudolf and Princess Stephanie of Belgium, Count Sweerts-Sporck published an open letter in the newspapers calling for the establishment of a zoological garden in Prague.

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