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About zoo
Prague Zoo employees first drove the two female vultures to the breeding and rescue station in Stara Zagora. There the vultures raised in Prague spent their last night in captivity with a veterinary examination in the morning. On the left, the chick hatched at Prague Zoo, on the right, the female hatched at Zlín Zoo. Photo: Lenka Pastorčáková, Prague Zoo

Another two Egyptian vultures reared at Prague Zoo – this time two females, one of which was hatched at Zlin Zoo – acquired a new home in the Eastern Rhodopes, where they will strengthen this endangered species’ local population. They will spend about ten days in an artificial nest on a rocky niche overlooking the Arda...


The history of Prague Zoo goes all the way back to the year 1881, when, on the occasion of the wedding of Crown Prince Rudolf and Princess Stephanie of Belgium, Count Sweerts-Sporck published an open letter in the newspapers calling for the establishment of a zoological garden in Prague.

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