Help for endangered species

Prague Zoo is not just a breeding and education institution; it also strives to help endangered animal species back in their homelands. If you would like to get involved in our rescue projects, we have several options for you to choose from.

  • You can support Prague Zoo’s rescue projects by sending any sum you wish to our collection account named We Help Them to Survive. Its IBAN (International Bank Account Number, used in cross border transactions) is CZ24 0100 0000 4368 0466 0247, the SWIFT code (bank identifier code) is KOMBCZPPXXX. 
  • Another option is for you to send a donation text message (DMS) to 87 777, choosing between the one-time and the annual donation alternatives. The price of a DMS is 30 Czech crowns, of which 28,50 crowns will go towards the project. This service is available only for phone numbers registered with Czech mobile operators. The prescribed texts for these DMS text messages are:
    • A one-time donation text message "DMS OHROZENEDRUHY" – you will be charged CZK 30 once.
    • An annual donation text message "DMS ROK OHROZENEDRUHY" – you will be charged CZK 30 each month for a period of one year.
  • You can also support endangered species by purchasing certain souvenirs and printed materials at Prague Zoo.
  • Another way to help is simply to visit our zoo. Every time you visit us, 8 Czech crowns go into our collection accounts, which we use to fund projects to protect endangered species.
  • If you are interested in protecting gorillas and their habitats in Africa, you can even help by taking that old mobile phone out of your drawer, where it can do no good, and putting it in a collection receptacle at the zoo to be recycled. For every device put in, the company REMA Systém will pay CZK 10 into our collection account.
  • Last but not least, you can participate in a variety of charitable events that Prague Zoo organizes or is otherwise involved in. Each spring there is, for instance, the Great Gorilla Run, whose proceeds go towards gorilla conservation in Africa.

You can learn more about individual projects in the subsection 'We help them to survive'.