Visitor Rules

Visitor Rules


By entering the zoo’s grounds, visitors to the Zoological Garden of the Capital City of Prague agree with this Visitor’s Code and are obliged to adhere to the following rules:

  1. To keep to the designated paths and areas. No vehicles are allowed except for prams, mechanical or electric wheelchairs and carts rented from the zoo. Children can be in the zoo’s carts for children only if accompanied by an adult. Children are not allowed to be in zoo carts on their own. For the safety of other visitors, it is forbidden to enter the zoo with any other vehicle (mechanical or self-propelled), such as bicycles, balance bikes, tricycles, scooters, Segways and so on.
  2. Do not touch the exhibited animals, do not feed them (with the exception of the area of the Children’s Zoo, where it is possible to feed the animals with feed intended for such purposes), and do not throw any objects into the animal enclosures. To behave considerately to the animals, not to disturb them with noise or other unsuitable behaviour, to adhere to the ban on taking photographs and visual records in selected pavilions (they are marked with an information plate with a pictogram at the entrance). Not to use drones or similar electronic devices without the consent of Prague Zoo.
  3. To provide responsible adult supervision for children under 15 years of age (this is not the responsibility of professional guides provided by the zoo).
  4. Weapons, explosives, combustibles, fireworks, psychotropic or toxic substances or other dangerous objects which could cause damage to the health or property of the zoo and/or other persons are prohibited in the zoo’s grounds, as are objects that are potentially dangerous for the animals, e.g. inflatable balloons.
  5. To treat other visitors with respect and consideration, not to damage the vegetation and property of the zoo as well as the property of other visitors. To keep the zoo tidy and observe the hygiene rules.
  6. To keep dogs exclusively on a short leash so that they cannot disturb or endanger visitors, the zoo’s animals or its running. Dogs are not allowed to enter enclosures and pavilions (such areas are marked with an information plate with a pictogram at the entrance). Visitors are obliged to ensure their dogs have been duly vaccinated and should be able to prove this appropriately upon request. One adult visitor can enter the zoo’s ground with one dog only. If the dog is left at a place intended and marked with a pictogram for such purposes, the dog must wear a solid muzzle. Other animals are not allowed to enter the zoo.
  7. Do not move around in the zoo under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants.
  8. Smoking is prohibited in the zoo. The use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited in all internal areas of the zoo and in all children’s playgrounds and sports grounds in the zoo (such places are marked accordingly).
  9. By entering the zoo, the visitors grant their consent to using photographs or audio, audio-visual or visual recordings made of them during their stay in the grounds. The recordings will be used for the zoo’s promotional purposes and the persons in these recordings will not be entitled to any reimbursement. The persons who make the above-mentioned recordings will always be visibly marked.It is only possible to
  10. carry out for-profit activities in the zoo’s grounds upon gaining the consent of Prague Zoo.
  11. If there is an incident that poses a threat to safety, follow the Prague Zoo’s employees’ instructions or those of the emergency services.
  12. The visitor is aware that there is a CCTV system installed in the zoo’s grounds and it is used by Prague Zoo’s guards for monitoring and ensuring the zoo animals’ security.
  13. To inform Prague Zoo’s employees of any violation of the Visitor’s Code or any other circumstances dangerous for visitors or the animals.

If a visitor commits a serious breach of the Visitor’s Code, Prague Zoo reserves the right to ask him or her to leave the grounds of Prague Zoo.

In force since 15th September 2020