Visitor Rules

Visitor Rules

Zoo Praha  |  08. 08. 2013


Within the area of Prague Zoo, the visitors are obliged:

  • ·To go on foot and keep to the marked trails and areas only. Only children under 6 years of age can move around on pushbikes or push scooters, and these children must always be accompanied by an adult responsible for the child’s safety and for ensuring that the child does not endanger other visitors when riding.
  • Not to touch the exhibited animals, not to feed them (not valid in the Children’s Zoo, where it is possible to feed the animals with zoo-supplied feed), and not to throw any objects to their enclosures.
  • To behave considerately to animals, not to disturb them with noise or other inconvenient behaviour, not to bring to the zoo inflatable balloons and other objects potentially dangerous for animals.
  • To follow the instructions of the staff of the zoo, especially in pavilions that require a special regime.
  • To treat other visitors with consideration.
  • Not to damage the vegetation and property of the zoo as well as the property of other visitors.
  • To keep the zoo tidy and observe rules of hygiene.
  • Not to move around in the zoo under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants.
  • To keep the dogs on a short leash so that they cannot disturb or endanger visitors or animals. To limit movement with dogs following the instructions of the staff of the zoo, carry their valid certificate of vaccination and present it when buying tickets. One adult visitor can enter the area of the zoo with one dog only, the entrance of other animals to the zoo is forbidden.
  • To provide responsible adult care for children under 15 years of age (professional guide provided by the zoo does not take this responsibility).
  • To announce to the zoo any violation of these rules or any other circumstances dangerous to the visitors or to the animals (an information service is available by the main zoo entrance during opening hours, including medical care on weekends and daily in July and August).

If a visitor commits a serious breach of the Visitor’s Code, he or she shall be asked to leave the grounds of Prague Zoo.
We hope that you will have many interesting experiences in Prague Zoo!

Prague, 1st November 2013