Live from Elephant valley

Live from Elephant valley

udoli slonu kamery vnitrek
kamery kopie prazdna final
  • From 8-10 pm is a regular maintenance pavilion
  • Cameras 1 - 3: indoors females
  • Cameras 4 - 8: outdoors females
  • Camera 7: inner space male

The first one to whom I confided this excellent news was the editor of Sri Lanka newspaper The Island. I felt it was most proper to publish it first on Janita´s home island and only then in our country.

A new toy has recently appeared in the Elephant Valley in Prague Zoo. It’s huge, well visible and a great source of entertainment for the elephant herd.

The spectacular Elephant Valley compound is the largest elephant exhibit in the history of Prague Zoo, as well as being the largest in the Czech Republic. It is home to a herd of eight Indian elephants, including Prague’s first native-born elephant calf.

Mobile application - the Elephant Valley

Discover the life of Asian elephants in the Prague Zoo! A mobile app will guide you through the Elephant Valley and show you the best vantage points, from which you can peek into their lives.