The pangolin pup was born early on a Thursday morning. It is not only the first ever born pangolin pup in the Prague Zoo, but also in all of Europe. Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

On Thursday morning I could see for the first time the newly born pangolin baby on the footage of the night camera. But I could hardly recognize only a part of the head and at a one point also the long curved claws of the left front leg. Fortunately, one hour later I could see it for a second with my own eyes. It was an amazing...

The pangolin pup was born early on a Thursday morning. It is not only the first ever born pangolin pup in the Prague Zoo, but also in all of Europe. Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

Born just before 4 a.m., it weighs 135 grams and resembles a living spruce cone. The first pangolin pup that was born not just in the Prague Zoo, but also the first one ever in all of Europe.

Sloní samička Amalee. V pozadí starší slůně Lakuna se svou matkou Tamarou. Foto: Petr Hamerník, Zoo Praha

Our youngest elephant, Amalee, born 9 May 2020, has succumbed to a disease known as elephant herpesvirus.

The newly put together six-headed herd of Pzewalski’s horses is grazing at Dívčí hrady. From the left the gelding Nepomuk and the mares Lana, Vereda, Khaamina, Xicara and Gruhne follow. Photo Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo.

The new exhibit complex for Przewalski’s horses and other representatives of fauna of inner Asia is currently being created in south-east corner of the Plains in the upper part of Prague Zoo. Until its opening in spring of 2024 Prague inhabitants can see Przewalski’s horses only at Dívčí hrady, where a herd of six now...

After two “COVID” years Prague Zoo returned to normal in 2022. Despite the lower number of foreign visitors and the deteriorating economic situation a high number of visitors returned: in 2022 a total of 1,419,122 visitors passed through its gates. In a way it was a breakthrough year in both a positive sense (the Dja Reserve...

Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

I have recently posted a photo of a binturong on social networks. If you don’t know what it is and where it came from, you are not the only one. “My daughter wrote an essay on it in 4th grade, and the teacher scolded her that she made up the animal,” Mrs H. K. commented on the photo. And yet we have binturongs also in...

Foto: Miroslav Bobek, Zoo Praha

During my brief visit to Indonesian Jakarta I held several meetings, experienced a 5.6 magnitude earthquake and also quickly walked through two animal markets: the smaller street market Jatinegara and the larger Pramuka with a “department store” with four floors full of shops with thousands of bird cages.

The two red river hogs have made themselves at home in the new gorilla pavilion. These two beauties came to Prague from Emmen Zoo in Holland. Photo Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo

One of the main Dja Reserve expositions was completed by two male African bush pigs. They will be sharing it with a group of De Brazza’s monkeys.

Prague Zoo traditionally awards its sponsors and supporters the Richard prizes. Miroslav Bobek hands over the Wild Richard to Mrs. Božena Banková, who bought an impressive 1029 food vouchers for the animals. Photo Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo awarded the Little, Big and Wild Richard Awards to its most important supporters - this year the awards all went to representatives of the public whose support for the Zoo was and is extraordinary. During the meeting of the zoo’s sponsors and friends, the baby aardvark was christened. Actor Miroslav Táborský, the...

Foto: Arunee Rodloy/Shutterstock

As we do every year before Christmas, we are looking for adoptive parents for our animal “orphans”. And this time, among the “orphans” there are also large freshwater fish, darting around one of the water tanks in the Indonesian Jungle, in the moat next to the exhibit of southern pig-tailed macaques.