This afternoon, a seminar was held at Prague Zoo addressing the issue of the illegal hunting of migratory birds in the Mediterranean, particularly with regards to certain EU countries. Among the guests that took part were RNDr. Pavel Poc, a Member of the European Parliament and Vice-chairman of the E.P. Environment Committee.

The Javan Green Magpie is one of the rarest and most endangered birds in the world. Prague Zoo is proud of having not only the largest recorded clutch of this species and the largest number of fledged young per nest, but it has also been able to breed these songbirds on a regular basis over the last few years. Now, one of the...

Today the director of Prague Zoo, Miroslav Bobek, and the Mongolian State Secretary, Tsengel Tsegmid, signed a Memorandum on the Protection of Endangered Animal Species in Mongolia. Prague Zoo’s activities in Mongolia, which have so far concentrated on the return and protection of the Przewalski’s Horse, will now also be...

On Friday 23/2, I got the impression that a number of Czech media outlets, in anticipation of our ice hockey team’s important victory over the Russians at the Winter Olympics, had once again prepared headlines beginning with the words “Rewriting History ...” – so, when the game ended in our defeat, they used it for...

A new study by Gaunitz et al. is extremely interesting, although not too surprising from our point of view.

When Slovak rapper Rytmus recently added a picture to his Instagram account showing him with a slow loris while on an exotic holiday, he soon reaped a whirlwind of criticism. He inadvertently became the face of a Facebook campaign calling for a boycott of selfies with “cute animals”.

Gustavo's small office in Guama was packed full of things. He was just packing for a multi-day trip to the central part of the Zapata peninsula, to the flooded forests which provide the habitat for Cuban crocodiles. Our plan for the next days on Cuba was much more modest, and maybe I should have envied Gustav - but there was no reason to.

Two cubs of the critically endangered Malayan tiger, which were born six weeks ago at Prague Zoo, were presented to the media for the first time on October 14 and are now on view for visitors.

Prague Zoo has received a huge acknowledgement. It has been commissioned to keep the European Stud Book (ESB) for the Indian gharial, a critically endangered and evolutionary unique crocodile. The last gharials surviving in the wild are decreasing at an alarming rate and Prague Zoo has long advocated their conservation.