The capybara in the yuzu bath in the picture, which also appeared on the official Twitter profile of the Japanese government in December 2021.

You wanted them, so you will have them. Capybaras are coming back to Prague Zoo. Probably the most popular animals in the world at the moment. At least in the world of social networks, where they appear in countless memes with huge numbers of shares.

A female mountain bongo Pipi immediately after recovering from her injury. Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

In mid-August I wrote here about a young mountain bongo female from our zoo, who lost her mother but showed a tremendous will to live. Thanks to her connection with the herd, she began to drink from two other females, who were caring for their own young, which, together with artificial supplemental feeding was sufficient for her...

The Cuban iguana male Pepíno is kept in shape by the presence of another male in the neighbouring terrarium. Photo: Miroslav Bobek

When I wrote last week about the aardvark female Pieta, who became the oldest representative of her species in the world, also the oldest historically, I should not forget some other representatives of the oldest animals also living in our zoo.

The aardvark female Pieta today. Photo Miroslav Bobek

I preferred not to talk too much about it, not to jinx it and waited patiently until Saturday. Then I went to congratulate Pieta with a handful of mealworms.

The little Geoffroy's spider monkey Tiko is exactly one year old today. The young, critically endangered species is thriving and during these sunny days, visitors can watch his cute grimaces and antics in the outdoor enclosure. Photo Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

It is twelve months to the day, since the birth of a Geoffroy's spider monkey baby at Prague Zoo. The little primate, who was later named Tiko, is doing well and frolics for days in front of visitors to the Monkey Islands. At the same time, he is one of Prague Zoo’s most important additions. The critically endangered...

Under the watchful gaze of their mother, the little tayras are venturing from the den more and more often. Visitors can find them in the South American carnivores complex close to the bush dog enclosure. Photo Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

Two young tayra or high-woods dogs, as they are called in Trinidad, are now on display at Prague Zoo. From this week on, visitors can observe them in the exhibit near the polar bear enclosure. Under the watchful eye of their mother, the little mustelids generally leave their burrow in the morning and then during the afternoon feeding after 3 pm.

This Friday, September 1st, all children under 15 will be able to visit Prague Zoo for a symbolic price of one crown. Instead of a school timetable, they can follow the times of the commented feeding sessions - for example, for the ring-tailed lemurs, will start at 14.30. Photo Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo

On September 1st, the entrance fee for all children under 15 is one crown. For this symbolic admission fee, schoolchildren will spend the first day of September among animals instead of at their school desks. On the last Friday of the summer holidays, they will also enjoy a completely different timetable - commented feedings and...

The female Chinese pangolin named Šiška (=pine cone in Czech) was born on February 2nd 2023 and is considered officially bred at the age of six months. Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo in the Czech republic celebrates one of the greatest successes in its history. The breeding of the female Chinese pangolin (Manis pentadactyla) is considered successful as the pup born in February has reached the age of six months and has ceased to drink the mother's milk and fully switched to a solid diet. It is the...

The birth of a baby Mishmi takin came as a surprise to the keepers. The female mated at an unexpectedly late time of the year. However, the one-week-old male is thriving and is already curiously exploring the enclosure in the upper part of the zoo. Photo Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo is relishing the addition of several ungulates. Visitors walking round the enclosures can observe a pair of critically endangered addaxes, a young Mishmi takin, which came completely out of the blue, a young Finnish forest reindeer, rarely bred in captivity, or Chinese gorals. The keepers also feel the prospects for...

Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

I missed the first two mountain bongos this year – by that I mean I did not see them on the day they were born - but the third one was a Sunday baby and I managed to be there. I found it lying at the feet of his now 14-year-old mother Maureen, who was watching me attentively. Everything seemed to be running smoothly....