The three-week-old female is the twelfth baby of the experienced nineteen-year-old female Lucie. Photo Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo’s visitors can marvel at the baby mantled guereza, which is still white, in the Water World and Monkey Islands exhibit. The three-week-old addition is already taking an active interest in its surroundings, so the keepers had a chance to identify its sex.

Anahita, the Egyptian vulture, pictured at the Lebanese rescue station. Photo: Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon

On Saturday, January 22nd, an Egyptian vulture flew in to Prague Zoo. From Lebanon, by plane.

The Egyptian vulture Anahita is not yet sexually mature, so its plumage is still predominantly brown. Photo: SPNL

This Egyptian vulture, named after the Persian goddess Anahita, has become a symbol of both tragedy and hope. After leaving its nest in the Bulgarian Rhodopes to travel to Africa, it was shot in Lebanon. However, thanks to the efforts of local conservationists, it was rescued and has found a new home at Prague Zoo where, with...

Photo: Petr Jan Juračka

The scientific paper published last year by Timothy T. Taylor and Christina I. Barrón-Ortiz may not have a very catchy title – Rethinking the Evidence for Early Horse Domestication at Botai – however, it is very interesting. After reading it, I remembered one of my favourite kaleidoscopes. Simply turn it around and the...

Seriema, foto: Miroslav Bobek, Zoo Praha

At first it reminded me a bit of the tale The Fall of the Votický Family in Karel Čapek's Tales from Two Pockets. In it, Dr. Mejzlik, a police officer, is visited by Mr. Divíšek, an archivist, who asks him to help him with his work on the reign of King George of Poděbrady; specifically, the sinister goings on at Votica...

Thank you to everyone who helps Prague Zoo and to those who simply love it!  Miroslav Bobek  Prague Zoo Director

The covid-19 pandemic also adversely affected Prague Zoo in 2021. For the first 101 days of the year the zoo was completely closed, in the following weeks and months it was forced to come to terms with various restrictions and for a long time it had no foreign tourists. Thanks to the large interest from Czech visitors during the...

The first Pesquet’s parrot chick of this year hatched on January 28th. Pictured here at the age of 48 days. Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

Pesquet’s parrot chicks, a female South American tapir calf, the first ever tayra quadruplets or Hartlaub’s duck ducklings - these are just some of the species that, from a professional point of view, represent Prague Zoo’s successes in breeding over the last year.

Cooper is the first and only wombat in the Czech Republic. He should move to the Darwin Crater exhibit next January. Photo Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

Cooper, a male wombat, came to Prague Zoo on Wednesday from Hanover Zoo. After a month-long quarantine, visitors will be able to see the first representative of this extremely attractive marsupial species in Prague's Darwin Crater exhibition. Prague Zoo is the first Czech and the eighth European facility to rear a wombat.

Basil, a male Asiatic lion, was born in Finland’s Korkeasaari Zoo and came to Prague from his last home at Budapest Zoo in Hungary. Photo by Tereza Mrhálková, Prague Zoo

With the aim of fathering cubs, Basil, a male Asiatic lion that is nearly 13-years old, was sent to Prague on loan from Budapest. Basil is probably the last hope for Ginni the lioness, who has not yet conceived with “Prague’s” Jamvan. Previously, she had a stillbirth following artificial insemination. The other female,...

The two-day-old silvery gibbon baby is the only new arrival of this species in the Czech Republic this year. The photo is from Sunday, a day after the baby was born. Author: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo.

On Saturday night, the fourth baby silvery gibbon to be born in the Czech Republic arrived at Prague Zoo. The female, Alang Alang, brought the baby into the world after a seven-month pregnancy. She takes care of the infant in an exemplary manner, while the male, Flip, looks after the family. Estimates put this rare primate at...