Pelikáni bílí, kteří v zázemí čekají na cestu za královnou, zatím bílí nejsou - ale to se spraví. Foto Petr Hamerník, Zoo Praha

Sun, Moon and Star are three great white pelicans who will embark on a journey from Prague Zoo to London next Thursday. Their new home will become a small lake in St. James’s Park, which is overlooked by the windows of Buckingham Palace. Sun, Moon and Star will be a de facto gift of the City of Prague to Her Majesty Queen...

Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

It was assumed to have been extinct or wiped out along with the giant sloths and armadillos or mastodons. Its scientific description was based on the remains found during the excavations of pre-Columbian cultures in the Argentinian part of Gran Chaca. That was back in 1930 and its scientific name, Catagonus wagneri, in Czech,...

A king vulture with a ball. Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

Enrichment is a great theme for outdoor communication, which is why Prague Zoo chose it as the central theme for 2019.

European Turtle Dove. Photo: Jiří Hornek

This Saturday is World Migratory Bird Day. From the dozens of Czech migratory bird species, all of which are threatened to a greater or lesser extent, I get to choose one of them today: the European Turtle Dove, Czech Bird 2019.

Samec Jamvan a samice Ginni, foto: Petr Hamerník, Zoo Praha

Naturally, it's bad news. But it does show a sign of hope.

In the same week that the main season began at Prague Zoo, we set off for Berlin’s Tierpark with Prťka (Midget).

Similar to a dragon, it hovered in the Cambrian seas by waving its body. It had large compound eyes, to help it search for trilobites, long appendages, a kind of claw, protruding from the front of the body, a circular, downward-pointing mouth with lamellar plates, for crushing prey, and a series of flaps along the body that,...

Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

Finally they’re here! The “venerable frogs from Lake Titicaca” came to Prague Zoo and I saw with my own eyes how truly exceptional they really are. Soon, you too will be able to see them for yourself. Our “venerable turnip”, the Czech name for this wonderful amphibian, will be presented to you at our new Titicaca...

The rare Titicaca Water Frog arrives at Prague Zoo. Now Prague Zoo, together with certain North American and European zoos, is involved in a programme to create an insurance population in captivity. Photo: Petr Hamernik, Prague Zoo.

On Friday evening, a package of seventy Titicaca Water Frogs arrived at Prague Zoo. These frogs are exceptional in many aspects; they only live in Lake Titicaca, however, they are critically endangered, primarily due to pollution. Prague Zoo, in conjunction with certain North American and European zoos, is taking part in a...

Poached pangolin, Kamerun, photo: Miroslav Bobek

In the belief that World Pangolin Day has already entered public awareness and that the media would provide information about it in copious amounts, I devoted the last Director’s View to the recent birth of a male giraffe. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Despite the fact that just four days before, the...