Lakuna the female elephant weighs 842 kilograms, Amalee weighs 46 kilograms less. However, an adult female Asian elephant can weigh up to 3.5 tonnes. Photo Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo

Elephant Valley’s two youngest inhabitants, two-year-old Lakuna and Amalee, who is six weeks her junior, are already undergoing regular veterinary training in what is known as protected contact. The baby elephants have also increased their birth weight several times over, their tusks are slowly coming through, and their milk...

A symbolic cheque for €10,000 for the war-threatened Mykolaiv Zoo in Ukraine. Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo’s director, hands it over to the Ukrainian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Yevhen Perebyjnis. The funds are from a collection set up by Prague Zoo. Photo Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

The arrival of the pangolins and the opening of the new Gorilla House - visitors can look forward to these and other new attractions in Prague Zoo’s 91st season, which was launched on March 26th. The event’s pivotal theme was also a fundraiser to help zoos in Ukraine and special programmes for refugee Ukrainian families.

Vykládka ve varšavské zoo. Foto: Miroslav Bobek, Zoo Praha

Last Saturday morning, the director of Mykolaiv Zoo, Vladimir Topchij, published a photo with the caption “a night-time gift for our zoo”. It depicted a cluster bomb embedded in the ground. At more or less the same time, he also sent back the signed contract that was necessary for us to be able to pay him ten thousand euros...

So far, we have spent or transferred a total of CZK 880,000 (€ 35,391) from the collection to help Ukrainian zoos. Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

Since 28 February we have been running a collection to help Ukrainian zoos. It has also received support from other UCSZOO (Union of the Czech and Slovak Zoological Gardens) members and foreign organizations.

Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

The driver had stashed his machine gun between the front seats of the Landcruiser, but the other Kahuzi-Biega National Park rangers held theirs in their hands, even as we turned off the main road and took the muddy, deeply rutted road to the top of the hill. The car skidded and slid until we finally came to a halt at a wooden...

Now all those interested can buy the “Charity Ticket”. All funds collected go to a special sub-account of the We Help Them Survive collection and will be used to help Ukrainian zoos. Source Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo has launched the sale of a “Charity Ticket” bearing the motto “The Czech Lion helps Ukrainian lions”. By buying a symbolic entrance fee, those interested will support Ukraine’s war-threatened breeding facilities.

Photo from Mykolaiv taken by the President of the Ukrainian Zoo Union Vladimir Topčij. Source: Facebook profile of Vladimir Topčij

There are heart-breaking reports from Ukrainian zoos.

The gala launch of Gorilla Fairy Tales in Somalomo. Photo: Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo

The first ever hardback book in the Bajwe’e dialect of the Koonzime language, spoken around the Dja Biosphere Reserve in Cameroon, has been published. It is Gorilla Fairy Tales and was published thanks to Prague Zoo. It was distributed to school children in Somalomo on International Mother Language Day, which was...

On Thursday, 24 February, Prague Zoo drew a line with regards to Russian aggression by suspending its membership in the Euro-Asian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EARAZA), which has its headquarters in Moscow and mainly brings together establishments from the former Eastern Bloc. Ukrainian zoos have already left this association.

Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

World Pangolin Day is always commemorated on the third Saturday in February. Recently, it has finally entered the consciousness, if not of the public, then at least of those interested in nature and its conservation. Its aim is to draw attention to these mammals’ uniqueness and the threat they face from illegal hunting and trade.