Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

On April 19th, 2021, the almost twenty-hectare plain at Prague’s Dívčí hrady became the new home to Przewalski’s horses. The Prague Zoo staff transported the first four mares from the breeding station in Dolní Dobřejov. They will be joined by a stallion in due time.

Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

There are just a few days to go until the moment when Przewalski's horses will be running around the fenced in plain of Prague’s Dívčí hrady. As they do so they will not only bring back the history of this exceptional site and make it more attractive, but their grazing should also contribute to the return of some native...

On Friday, 9 April, Prague Zoo’s veterinarian, Dr Roman Vodička and his colleagues, medical doctors and Petmedic employees, fought for the life of Bikira, our female gorilla.

Zookeeper Aneta Kratochvílová. Photo: Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo

173 out of 365 days without visitors! In its entire history, Prague Zoo has never been closed for so long. A new photo publication, prepared by Miroslav Bobek, Petr Hamerník and the team, captures the period from the beginning of March 2020 to the end of February 2021, when Prague Zoo had to lock its gates for almost half of...

Brazilian merganser, photo: Zooparque Itatiba

Even a single electricity generator can increase the chances of a critically endangered species’ survival. This is not some theoretical example, but a cold, hard fact. Last year, we financed just such a generator at Brazil’s Itatiba Zoo.

Kamba. Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

When I arrived at the visitor area of the gorilla pavilion last Sunday, Kamba had just gotten to her feet, she took a few steps forward, picked up a fresh twig, and started nibbling on it. A weight fell from my shoulders. It meant that she was much better than she had been in the previous days.

Except for Richard, the results were negative in the other gorillas (with the exception of Ajabu, whose results are not yet available). Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

As we reported on Thursday (February 25th, 2021), testing performed on fecal samples showed that three animals were positive for COVID-19. These were the Asian lions, Jamvan and Suchi, and the male gorilla, Richard. Their symptoms were mild, manifested in the lions with a cold, respiratory coughing; in Richard’s case it...

Richard is COVID positive, his symptoms are very mild. Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

Today animal testing using fecal samples showed that the Asian lions Jamvan and Suchi and Richard, the male gorilla, are positive. So far, their symptoms are very mild, the lions seem to have a bit of a cough and a cold, whilst Richard has lost his appetite and is tired.

Crucian carp. Photo: Rostislav Štefánek

The former mill race at Prague Zoo has been emptied for some time and it is now being limed. The aim is to get it ready to be stocked with some native fish, primarily crucian carp. Nowadays, this seemingly ordinary, but in many respects extraordinary fish, is one of the critically endangered species in our country. The project,...

Shot from a video taken on a Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G mobile phone. Photo: Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak

From one small video shot at the start of the spring closing, the Zoo Shorts project has rapidly developed into something that keeps the zoo open for its visitors, well at least virtually. Keepers took short videos on their phones capturing their wards and giving a behind the...