The new gorilla pavilion, which also has a new entrance to the Prague Zoo, on an aerial photograph from the Hrachovka homestead. Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

There are precisely 25 days until the opening of the Dja Reserve – Prague Zoo’s new gorilla house. This will be the culmination of many years of hard work, which has taken a large part of our lives.

Eda the Cape fur seal is now used to a complete veterinary examination. Pictured here at the dental check with head keeper Jakub Mezei. Photo Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo

Under the careful supervision of Prague Zoo’s keepers, Eda the three-year-old male Cape fur seal has already mastered useful veterinary training such as getting into the transport crate and letting the keepers check his teeth, eyes and abdomen. He has also learnt to use the slide and greet the enthusiastic spectators with a...

Hutia babies are active all day long. Visitors can find them above the Indonesian Jungle, just a few steps away from the otter enclosure. Photo Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo is full of youngsters, not only in spring, but also in mid-summer. The cavorting of the hutia triplets keeps visitors of all ages entertained and the newly hatched flamingos are already taking gawky steps towards the water. From the breeding point of view, the additions of East Asian fauna - mythical-sounding gorals...

Mountain Pygmy-possum. Photo: Miroslav Bobek

High up in Kosciuszko National Park, my Australian colleagues showed me the typical habitat of a very small, extremely interesting and endangered marsupial – the Mountain Pygmy-possum (Burramys parvus). It was a scree slope formed from huge boulders. The Burramys (as it is also known) spends most of its time under the surface...

The cub is currently learning to drink breast milk on its own. It will be dependent on milk for the next ten months, but in four months it should be able to try adult food. Photo Barbora Dobiášová, Prague Zoo

The long-expected baby aardvark was born in Prague Zoo just after 9 am on Sunday. The three-day-old cub is suckling from its mother, Kvída, and, according to the keepers, it is healthy and active. Just after birth it weighed 1,450 grams and measured 54 cm in length, which is a common birth weight and size for an aardvark.

A pair of corroboree frogs. Photo by Miroslav Bobek

David Hunter invited us to his home in Albury, in the foothills of the Australian Alps. I was particularly taken by the unusual decorations in his living room. Imagine pouring lead into water – then enlarging the resulting formations to half or three quarters of a metre.

Duni, the daughter of our famous gorilla Moja, will come to Prague Zoo, where she too will have the opportunity to have her own offspring. Photo: Lucía Gandarillas

It has all been agreed, approved and confirmed: the trio of females - Kamba - Kijivu - Shinda - and the baby Ajabu, will be joined by a male, Kisumu, and a female, Duni, in the new gorilla house. This is doubly good news: the arrival of Kisumu will allow the troop to have more infants and, with the arrival of Duni, the story of...

The mantled guerezas carefully investigated all the elements of the outdoor enclosure. Photo Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo

Mantled guerezas are trying out the grass enclosure, De Brazza’s monkeys are exploring the indoor exhibit - the individual inhabitants of Prague Zoo’s new gorilla house are making themselves at home.

Shinda and Kamba as they first enter the indoor exhibition of their new pavilion. Photo Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

Following a successful move, the quartet of gorillas are settling down in Prague Zoo’s new pavilion. The females Kijivu, Kamba and Shinda, together with the young male Ajabu, have been living in the indoor exhibit for several days.

This year the 250th Przewalski’s horse foal was born on 3 May to the stallion Len and the mare Tania in Prague Zoo’s breeding station in Dolní Dobřejov. Photo Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo welcomed the 250th Przewalski's horse foal. The young stallion was born in May in the zoo’s breeding station in Dolní Dobřejov. It is fitting as this is also the 30th anniversary of the first ever transport of wild horses from Europe to Mongolia. The next stage of their return to the wild - for the first time to...