Foto: Miroslav Bobek, Zoo Praha

In Greek mythology the Echidna was half-woman and half-serpent. This is an excellent choice. Echidnas are very old and at first glance look like a sort of overgrown hedgehog or a small porcupine, however, although they are mammals, they still exhibit a number of reptilian traits, such as the presence of a cloaca, egg-laying and...

The white-bellied heron is one of the most endangered birds on the planet. There are less than thirty individuals in Bhutan Author: Royal Society for the Protection of Nature Bhutan

Prague Zoo is helping to protect the critically endangered, white-bellied heron in the Kingdom of Bhutan. There are less than sixty of these large herons in their entire range, half of them living in Bhutan. However, even there it is under threat from the construction of hydroelectric power plants. Therefore, several years ago,...

Two-year-old Prixi is the offspring of Tipito and the female Boženka. Both her parents can be seen in the European bison enclosure in the upper part of Prague Zoo. Photo: Oliver Le Que, Zoo Praha

Today Prixi, the two-year-old female European bison, left for Tierpark Berlin, Germany, where she will spend several months getting ready for the long journey to Azerbaijan’s Shahdag National Park. She will be transported there as part of an international conservation project that Prague Zoo takes part in. She will become the...

When I was preparing for my first ever visit to Prague Zoo’s breeding and acclimatisation station in Dolní Dobřejov, just before St. Nicholas Day 2010, snow was lying fresh on the ground. Everyone started trying to talk me out of the trip. It was as if I was going way up beyond the Arctic Circle, not just eighty kilometres...

The baby South American tapir born on April 29th is to be named. The female tapir’s name will be officially revealed on Sunday morning.

So far both pairs, taken to the calm of the breeding facility, are taking good care of their young. Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo.

The keepers at Prague Zoo are delighted to have a total of eight chicks of the critically endangered Edwards' pheasant. There has not been any sign of this rare bird in the wild since 2000, so breeding it in captivity is probably its only hope for survival.

As of Monday 24 May, we have opened the indoor pavilions with a limit to the number of people – a maximum of 1 person per 15 sqm of indoor public space. Five pavilions are open in all.

Priest and ethnolinguist Maurice Ekoalea Mvolo. Photo: Jocelyn Ewane Aubery

There are about seven thousand languages in the world. However, some estimates suggest that 50–90 % of them could be extinct by the end of the century. So, it is fair make a comparison between endangered languages and endangered species. Moreover, one of the potentially endangered languages is in direct contact with endangered...

The tawny frogmouth. Photo: Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo

An analysis of 27,621 bird photos on Instagram has shown that the most aesthetically appealing feathered bird is – the tawny frogmouth.

View of the construction of the outdoor enclosure for the western lowland gorillas. Author: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

When finished, the western lowland gorillas’ new home will be the largest exhibition at Prague Zoo. Since autumn 2019, this 2,500m2 pavilion has been rising in the space next to the giraffe enclosure in the upper part of the grounds. There will also be almost 3,000m2 for outdoor enclosures. Currently, the opening is set for autumn 2022.