Three Indian Lions have arrived from Magdeburg to Prague. In the future the Zoo intends to focus on breeding of these carnivores even more.

Prague Zoo has launched a campaign to promote its worldwide success

A baby bison was born on Saturday 16th August. It has been thriving and can be seen in an exposition near the Obora view tower.

Ankhor, 31 years old elephant bull has already sired 11 young. He originates from Barma, but from 1989 he lived in Tierpark Berlin. He arrived to Prague on August 13, 2014.

The World Association of Zoos & Aquariums (WAZA) is extremely concerned about the tragic incident that occurred on 3 August 2014.

Because of unprofessional behaviour of representatives of Johannesburg Zoo, eight antelopes sitatunga were euthanasied in South African Republic. The director of Prague Zoo Miroslav Bobek informed about the unethical manners in open letter and explained all the consequences.

This new play area for children and parents has only been open since Sunday, July 27, but it has already gained many fans.

Prague is full of tourists, especially during summertime, and so we have launched our traditional summer campaign this year. The slogans are bilingual and this year we highlight the English ones above those in Czech.

After a more than 30 hours journey three mares of Przewalski´s Horses left the transport crates and stepped on to the land of their ancestors, in the Gobi B desert. With this, Prague Zoo has successfully completed the fourth transportation of the treasured species to Mongolia, realized within the project "Return of the Wild Horses".

The ZooBus is running again on weekends and during public holidays. This special line is operated by Prague Zoo, the ticket costs 1 CZK.