So the word is out. I have got a phone call from Czech News Agency, that The Times of India published information about India donating three lions to an unnamed Czech zoo. Yes, they are coming to our zoo. Two females and one male should arrive from the Sakkarbaug Zoo in Gujarat.

Some time ago I was asked to relay the answers to the inquiry "How will you spend Christmas this year?", where the respondents to this question should be our animals. Fine, let´s proceed. We have prepared a wider survey, for which the curators of Prague Zoo have served as our qualified researchers.

Opposite the spectacular Centennial Hall, built in 1912 – 1913 a huge black block grew up in Wroclaw. The cost of its construction was the equivalent of 1.3 billion CZK and no doubt it will be another prominent tourist attraction of the town. Afrykarium is concealed within it. Although it opened several weeks ago, now I feel...

The Red List of Threatened Species of Plants and Animals, published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), celebrates this year its 50th anniversary. This work significantly contributes to the effort to preserve biodiversity and raise public awareness of threatened species; yet, with the clock ticking, the...

Many admire them. A couple of lions appearing in an illustration, which I have auctioned on internet for two hundred Czech Crowns and now have hanging in my office.

Keepers in the Prague Zoo decided to connect the couple of Giant Anteaters, who came to the Zoo in June this year to restart the breeding of these amazing animals.

Prague Zoo has launched a campaign titled “Make Better Use of your Ticket“, which is trying to promote ecological transport options to get to the Zoo.

In Prague Zoo visitors can currently see fifteen delightful Collared Peccary piglets. The youngest ones were born on Wednesday, 22nd October.

The African Association of Zoos and Aquariums (PAAZA) has spent the past two months exhaustively investigating an incident during which eight sitatungas imported from Prague Zoo were killed in the Republic of South Africa.

Prague Zoo was declared by Trip Advisor the 7th best zoo in the world. To celebrate it,
each 7th day in every month till the end of the year all the children will pay only 1 CZK entrance fee, so the families with kids can yet get cheaper tickets twice this year - on 7th November and 7th December.