Striped and cute – that’s the new born baby of South American Tapir in Prague Zoo. The tapir was born on Tuesday May 19 to a fifteen-year-old female Ivana and a twelve-year-old male Tex.

I don´t know if ever any zoological garden participated at the World´s Fair, but for Prague Zoo, the just opened Expo 2015 in Milan means a historic premiere.

This Friday, April 24th, marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Jiří Janda

In these days Prague Zoo visitors can be witnessing stormy courtship of extremely rare Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas. Visitors can watch them on their own eyes in the terrarium in the House of Big Cats and Reptiles.

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Continued exploration with metal detectors close to the Sklenářka farmstead has, among other finds, turned up a copper counter coin dating to the year 1599 during the reign of Emperor Rudolf II (1552-1612). We will never know how it got there – it was probably due to some incredible coincidence – but in my mind, it...

For many animals, speed is a fundamental asset. It is speed that secures their survival. It allows them to succeed as predators, or to escape their own predators. The cheetah’s speed is indeed fascinating, as is the adaptation that enables it to execute its feats of strength and agility.

After a several hours long journey from the Laotian capital Vientiane, we briefly dropped off our stuff at the hotel and, led by French naturalist Jean-Pierre Hugot, set off to the local market. I did not have any high hopes of discovering anything special there, but I wanted to see it at least. Twenty years ago American...

Recently I have written about a Caribbean Flamingo female called "FHF", who came to Prague almost 50 years ago on the 5th of August 1965. Regarding the fact that she was captured in Cuba as an adult bird, she might be well over 50. So she lived in the olden times, when Beatles started playing, and at least six presidents took...

The first one to whom I confided this excellent news was the editor of Sri Lanka newspaper The Island. I felt it was most proper to publish it first on Janita´s home island and only then in our country.