The high-water that hit Prague Zoo in the first June days flooded the lower part of its area , but fortunately  it hadn’t reach the level of 2002 floods,  therefore the damage was not so big.

The festive programme at Prague Zoo will be launched on Saturday, 30th November, with the lighting of the Christmas tree and will finish on New Year, when the commented animal feeding takes place. This year, visitors have a new option to take a Bethlehem light from the Zoo.

Sita is lovingly cared by most of the member of the herd. Photo: Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha

The male elephant Mekong has got some issues with his females that kind of surprise him by their behaviour. It is, however, expected that he should become a father.

An exceptionally valuable brown hyena is settling down in a pen near the Elephant Valley. Prague Zoo thus attempts to renew the once world-renowned breeding of this animal species.

umpkin Feast and Animal Symbols in Prague Zoo, photo Tomas Adamec

Prague Zoo has prepared an interesting programme for the upcoming weekend. On Sunday, there will be a pumpkin feast with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. On Monday, visitors will be acquainted with animals and their symbolism in state emblems and crests.

Prague Zoo joined the rank of 34 companies that were awarded the Superbrand title. Apart from the Zoo, the title boasts such brands as, UNICEF, The New York Times or Rolex.

During the Jubilee ceremony celebrating its 82nd  anniversary, Prague Zoo received a gift of historic significance: the Vice Mayor of Prague Jiří Vávra unveiled to the public the results of an analysis of how flood protection measures at the Zoo would affect the Vltava River water levels. According to this analysis, it is...

So far, Nuru is the latest addition to the Prague’s gorilla group. Photo: Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha

In the course of the Saturday celebrations, the visitor can commemorate not only the birth of the first gorilla male Titan, and female Nigra, who arrived here a year later, but also learn many other interesting facts.

During first days of June, Prague Zoo was facing another catastrophic flood, eleven years after the floods of 2002. Fortunately, we were very well prepared and we did not hesitate to act and managed to successfully evacuate animals as well as property. We have lost only a few small animals. We removed all valuable equipment,...

he first elephant came to Prague Zoo 80 years ago. It was the famous Baby. This important anniversary will be celebrated by both elephants and visitors at the weekend. On Sunday, the herd of elephants will enjoy a special cake and what is more a fund-raising elephant steam boat will make trips all day in the city centre.