List of animals for adoption

Adoption and sponsorship

Zoo Praha  |  20. 09. 2013

You can adopt any animal from the list. Each animal may have an unlimited number of adoptive parents or sponsors.

Invertebrates    1.000 CZK
Sun beetle, assassin bug, Egyptian cockroach, harlequin cockroach, Madagaskar giant cockroach, millipede, pink-winged stick insect, emperor scorpion, giant African snail, baboon spider, huntsman spider, African whip spider.

Fishes    1.000 CZK
Banded archerfish, argusfish, spanner barb, tinfoil barb, comb-tailed paradise fish, fishes in the Chambal Pavilion, kissing gourami, moonlight gourami, snakeskin gourami, red-tailed labeo, Thai flying box, ruby labeo, clown loach, silver mono, banded scat, bala shark, black shark, red-finned cigar shark.

Fishes    2.000 CZK
Blanc's striped featherback, mudskipper, silver arowana.

Cartilaginous fishes    2.000 CZK
Vermiculate river stingray.

Amphibians    1.000 CZK
- Marsh frog, Phongsaly flying frog, Uluguru forest treefrog, Karoo toad.

Amphibians    20.000 CZK
Salamanders – Chineese giant salamander.

Reptiles    1.000 CZK
– Giant butterfly agama, Kenyan rock agama, steppe agama, Baracoa knight anole, chuckwalla, African banded velvet gecko, Kuhl´s flying gecko, Somali-Masai clawed gecko, Standing's day gecko, tokay gecko, Turkestan plate-tailed gecko, Turkestan thin-toed gecko, Turner's gecko, turquoise dwarf gecko, atlas ocellated lizard, Baja blue rock lizard, common collared lizard, desert spiny lizard, European green lizard, Iraqi spiny-tailed lizard, Hispaniolan curly-tailed lizard, ornate spiny-tailed lizard, round-nosed plated lizard, sand lizard, tropical girdled lizard, zebra-tailed lizard, Vaillant's mabuya, green pricklenape, fire skink, Percival´s lance skink, rainbow skink, Solomon Islands skink.
Turtles and tortoises – North Antillean slider, Egyptian tortoise, pancake tortoise, Texas tortoise, Tunisian spur-thighed tortoise, Asian leaf turtle, brown roofed turtle, European pond turtle, Indochinese box turtle, Malaysian black mud turtle, Malayan box turtle, Vietnamese pond turtle.

Reptiles    1.500 CZK
– Toad-headed agama, Turkestan rock agama, plumed basilisk, desert iguana, five-keeled spiny-tailed iguana, black tree monitor, green tree monitor, Moluccan yellow monitor, red tegu.
Snakes – Adder, Brazilian rainbow boa, Cuban boa, eyelash palm-pitviper, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, dice snake, eastern Montpellier snake, grass snake, puff-faced water snake, rufous beaked snake, Ruthven's king snake, smooth snake, spotted whip snake, Vietnamese longnose snake.
Turtles and tortoises – Russian tortoise, Australian red-bellied short-necked turtle, Australian snake-necked turtle.

Reptiles    2.000 CZK
– European glass lizard, Giant horned lizard, reticulate racerunner, steppe-runner.
Snakes – Kenyan sand boa, Madagascar tree boa, rufous egg-eater, Mang mountain pit viper, ball python, blood python, green tree python, Indian rock python, northern white-lipped python, mangrove snake, Oriental whip snake, Gaboon viper.
Turtles and tortoises – Leopard tortoise, alligator snapping turtle, crowned river turtle, giant Asian pond turtle, Malayan flat-shelled turtle, pig-nose river turtle, spiny turtle.

Reptiles    3.000 CZK
– Oustalet's chameleon, Cuban ground iguana, rhinoceros iguana, caiman lizard.
Snakes – Green anaconda.
Turtles and tortoises – Painted terrapin, southern river terrapin, impressed tortoise, Malaysian giant tortoise.

Reptiles    5.000 CZK
Turtles and tortoises – Aldabra giant tortoise, Galápagos tortoise.

Reptiles    15.000 CZK
Lizards – Blue iguana.

Reptiles    30.000 CZK
Crocodiles – Indian gharial.
Lizards – Komodo dragon.

Brids    1.000 CZK
– White-bellied go-away-bird.
Gamefowl – Great argus, Australian brushturkey, vulturine Guinea fowl, yellow-necked francolin, Ceylon junglefowl, brown-breasted hill-partridge, grey partridge, Indian peacock, Malaysian peacock-pheasant, Palawan peacock-pheasant, cheer pheasant, Edward's pheasant, Salvadori’s pheasant, silver pheasant, Vietnamese pheasant, white eared pheasant, Zarudny's pheasant, Zeravshan pheasant, Temminck's tragopan.
Mousebirds – Speckled mousebird.
Nightjars – Tawny frogmouth.
Parrots – Budgerigar, cockatiel, eastern rosella, monk parakeet, Bourke’s parrot, superb parrot.
Pigeons – Common bronzewing, barred cuckoo-dove, cinnamon ground-dove, ruddy ground-dove, emerald dove, European turtle dove, spotted dove, bleeding-heart pigeon, blue-tailed imperial pigeon, crested pigeon, green imperial pigeon, Nicobar pigeon, pied imperial pigeon, pink pigeon, rock pigeon, spotted imperial pigeon, stock pigeon, wonga pigeon, common woodpigeon.
Songbirds – Chestnut-backed scimitar-babbler, common blackbird, yellow-hooded blackbird, Asian fairy bluebird, black-headed bulbul, red-whiskered bulbul, Eurasian bullfinch, red-cowled cardinal, Australian zebra finch, house finch, saffron finch, helmeted friarbird, black-headed greenfinch, European greenfinch, blue-faced honeyeater, barred laughingthrush, black-and-white laughingthrush, black-throated laughingthrush, blue-crowned laughingthrush, chesnut-winged laughingtrush, moustached laughingthrush, red-tailed laughingthrush, red-winged laughingtrush, rufous-fronted laughingthrush, scaly laughingthrush, spotted laughingthrush, Sunda laughingthrush, white-crested laughingthrush, white-throated laughingthrush, red-billed leiothrix, Omeishan liocichla, scarlet-faced liocichla, Eurasian golden oriole, white-rumped shama, Java sparrow, Asian glossy starling, Bali starling, Brahminy starling, red-winged starling, rosy starling, white-shouldered starling, black-breasted thrush, Javan whistling-thrush, orange-headed thrush, song thrush, white wagtail, black-headed weaver, white-headed buffalo weaver, yellowhammer.
Tinamous and ratites – Elegant crested tinamou.
Waterfowl – African black duck, comb duck, crested duck, ferruginous duck, Mandarin duck, Muscovy duck, West Indian whistling-duck, white-headed duck, white-winged wood duck, garganey, Canada goose, lesser white-fronted goose, magpie goose, red-breasted goose, red-breasted merganser, white-cheeked pintail, red-crested pochard, cotton pygmy-goose, smew, Eurasian shoveler, teal, Hottentot teal, marbled teal, speckled teal, ringed teal.

Birds    1.500 CZK
Birds of prey – Eurasian buzzard, common kestrel.
Cranes, rails, and relatives – Purple swamphen.
Gamefowl – Northern helmeted curassow.
Kingfishers, hoopoes, and relatives – Eurasian hoopoe, common roller, green woodhoopoe.
Parrots – large fig-parrot, Edwards's fig-parrot, vernal hanging-parrot, Mindanao lorikeet, Mitchell's lorikeet, Papuan lorikeet, rainbow lorikeet, scaly-breasted lorikeet, black lory, brown lory, purple-naped lory, swift parrot.
Pigeons – Common crowned pigeon.
Songbirds – Black-eared catbird, coleto, Australian magpie, crested myna, crested oropendola. 
Waders – Pied avocet, stone curlew, spotted dikkop, African wattled lapwing, masked lapwing, southern lapwing, Eurasian oystercatcher, ruff, black-winged stilt, bush thick-knee.
Woodpeckers and relatives – Greater yellownape.

Birds    2.000 CZK
– Blue-throated piping-guan, green peafowl.
Kingfishers, hoopoes, and relatives – Eastern yellow-billed hornbill, red-billed hornbill, Visayan tarictic hornbill, white-crested hornbill.
Songbirds – Hill mynah, yellow-faced mynah, raven, white-necked raven.
Storks – Little bittern, boat-billed heron, night heron, squacco heron.
Waders – Common tern.

Birds    2.500 CZK
Cranes, rails, and relatives
– Blue crane, demoiselle crane, red-crowned crane, wattled crane, white-naped crane, red-legged seriema.
Storks – African openbill, Abdim's stork, black stork, yellow-billed stork.
Waterfowl – Southern screamer, emperor goose.

Birds    3.000 CZK
Birds of prey
– Bateleur, European honey-buzzard, secretary bird, bald eagle, red kite, Steller's sea-eagle, bearded vulture, Egyptian vulture, Eurasian black vulture, hooded vulture, king vulture.
Flamingos – Carribean flamingo, Chilean flamingo, greater flamingo.
Owls – Oriental bay-owl, buffy fish-owl, barn owl, boreal owl, great grey owl, hawk owl, little owl, pygmy owl, spectacled owl, Ural owl, Philippine scops-owl.
Rollers – African ground hornbill, great Indian hornbill, rhinoceros hornbill, rufous hornbill, blue-winged kookaburra.
Storks – Hamerkop, glossy ibis, hadada ibis, northern bald ibis, scarlet ibis, straw-necked ibis, white ibis, Eurasian spoonbill, roseate spoonbill. 

Birds    4.000 CZK
Storks – Marabou stork.

Birds     5.000 CZK
Penguins – Humboldt's penguin.
Tinamous and ratites – Emu, ostrich, Darwin's rhea.

Bird     6.000 CZK
Storks – Shoebill.

Bird     8.000 CZK
Pelicans and cormorants – Dalmatian pelican, eastern white pelican, spot-billed pelican.
Tinamous and ratites – Southern cassowary.


Mammals    1.000 CZK

Elephant shrews – rufous elephant-shrew.
Marsupials – sugar glider.
Rodents – black-tailed prairie dog, lesser savanna dormouse, least gerbil, Cuban hutia, bushy-tailed jird, chacoan mara, Patagonian mara, mesic mouse, spotted grass mouse, Turkish spiny mouse, Southern African spiny mouse, acacia rat, African giant pouched rat, giant jumping rat, Cape ground squirrel, Smith's bush squirrel.

Mammals    2.000 CZK
Bats – Egyptian fruit bat, Rodrigues fruit bat.
Carnivores – Common dwarf mongoose.
Even-toed ungulates – Collared peccary.
Golden moles and tenrecs – Lesser hedgehog tenrec.
Hyraxes – Southern tree hyrax.
Insectivores – Four-toed hedgehog, western hedgehog.
Marsupials – Brush-tailed rat-kangaroo.
Primates – Mohol bushbaby, northern lesser bushbaby, gray mouse lemur, Sunda slow loris, Garnett's greater galago
Rodents – Common gundi, African brush-tailed porcupine, Cape porcupine, Indian crested porcupine, North American porcupine, Mechow's mole rat, springhare, woodchuck.
Tree-shrews – Northern tree-shrew.

Mammals    3.000 CZK
Even-toed ungulates
– Balabac mouse deer, Chinese muntjac, Barbary sheep, bighorn sheep, Himalayan tahr, bharal, West Caucasian tur
Marsupials – Bennett's wallaby, parma wallaby, swamp wallaby.

Mammals    4.000 CZK
Armadillos – Southern three-banded armadillo.
Even-toed ungulates – Red river hog.
Marsupials – Ground cuscus.
Primates – Moustached tamarin.
Rodents – Northern Luzon giant cloud rat, southern giant slender-tailed cloud rat.

Mammals    5.000 CZK
– Caracal, fishing cat, tiger cat, Philippine palm civet, ring-tailed coati, bush dog, bat-eared fox, fennec fox, honey badger, jaguarundi, common kusimanse, clouded leopard, meerkat, Palawan leopard cat, slender mongoose, yellow mongoose, tayra.
Echidnas – Short-beaked echidna
Even-toed ungulates – Addax, sable antelope, blesbok, brow-antlered deer, eland antelope, guanaco, Nile lechwe, southern lechwe, beisa oryx, scimitar-horned oryx, Javan rusa, West African sitatunga, takin, Thorold's deer.
Odd-toed ungulates – Eastern kiang.
Primates – Black lemur, ring-tailed lemur, Barbary macaque, pig-tail macaque, eastern black-and-white colobus monkey, Geoffroy's spider monkey, common squirrel monkey, Gabon talapoin.

Mammals    6.000 CZK
– Brown hyena, Canadian otter, smooth-coated otter, Eurasian wolf, maned wolf.
Odd-toed ungulates – Grevy's zebra, plains zebra.

Mammals    7.000 CZK
Aardvarks – Aardvark.
Carnivores – Binturong, lesser panda.
Even-toed ungulates – Lowland anoa, eastern bongo, elk (moose in US), finnish forest reindeer.
Marsupials – Eastern wallaroo, red kangaroo.

Mammals    8.000 CZK
– Giant anteater
Odd-toed ungulates – Przewalski's horse.
Primates – Silvery gibbon

Mammals    10.000 CZK
– Javan leopard, Cape fur seal.
Even-toed ungulates – American bison, European bison, bactrian camel. 
Odd-toed ungulates – Lowland tapir, Malayan tapir.

Mammals    20.000 CZK
Carnivores – Cheetah, Amur leopard.

Mammals    30.000 CZK
Carnivores – Polar bear, Asiatic lion.
Primates – Western lowland gorilla, Sumatran orang-utan.

Mammals    50.000 CZK
Carnivores – Malayan tiger, Siberian tiger, Sumatran tiger.
Elephants – Asian elephant.
Even-toed ungulates – Rothschild's giraffe, hippopotamus.

Invertebrates    1.000 CZK
Honey bee.

Fishes    1.000 CZK
Common carp, goldfish, common roach, tench.

Birds    1.000 CZK
Domestic pigeon.

Birds    1.500 CZK
Chicken, domestic Muscovy duck, domestic swan goose, turkey.

Mammals    1.000 CZK
Domestic rabbit, Guinea pig.

Mammals    2.000 CZK
Domestic goat, domestic sheep.

Mammals    2.500 CZK
Domestic pig.

Mammals    3.000 CZK

Mammals    5.000 CZK
Alpaca, dwarf zebu.

cranes, rails, and relatives – blue crane, demoiselle crane, red-crowned crane, wattled crane, white-naped crane, red-legged seriema.

storks – African openbill, Abdim's stork, black stork, yellow-billed stork.

waterfowlsouthern screamer, emperor goose.