Photo: Petr Hamerník, Zoo Praha

Our baby aardvark, which has become one of the stars of a country-wide outdoor campaign focused on Prague Zoo’s prominent baby animals, is growing like a weed. When he was born, on Sunday, July 26, the descendent of our Aardvark female Kvída was very small and did not want to suckle, so the keepers fed him from a syringe. It...

The spot-covered Malayan tapir calf was born in the morning hours of Thursday, October 15. Photo: Petr Hamerník

Prague Zoo is celebrating another VIP birth. After the recent arrival of a lowland tapir baby, which went on to achieve great popularity thanks to its attractive striped fur, Prague Zoo keepers are now rejoicing in the birth of a Malayan tapir. The calf was born to mother Indah and father Niko on Thursday, October 15, and as...

It is said that when in the end of 1950s workers discovered in one of Prague gardens a strange statue with animal features under a drift of leaves and soil the authorities did not know what to do with it. So they offered it to the zoological garden.

There is always something to discover. Also in a zoo. When I asked Pavel Krásenský, zoologist and photographer to document the lives of insects in our Zoo, I hoped that he would discover something interesting. But reality exceeded expectations.

In 2015 Prague Zoo was named the 4th best zoo of the world and during the same year four unique babies were born here. Meet the first Silvery Gibbon born in Czechia, a tapir with American roots, a descendant of popular Aardvark female Kvída and the grandson of famous fur seal Gaston!

In my diary, I have a note from a Monday, July 13 meeting with our zookeepers. The note is about Kvída, our aardvark female, and it reads: “may give birth sooner”. We expected something like that based on her ultrasound exam results. But she managed to surprise us anyway and brought her baby into the world as early as early...

I was in the zoo for less than a week when young male orangutan Pagy swung on an overgrown branch and got into the visitors' space in the Indonesian Jungle pavilion. During a panic attempt to return he fell into the water moat and there is no doubt that it was only the quick action of his keeper that saved him from drowning.

Just now I have read that in this heat human hair heat up to 57°C and inside of a car even after a "mild airing out" the temperature can be 55°C.

On Wednesday 15th of July, the prestige travel site, published its top 25 zoos, an evaluation based on the opinion of millions of its users. Prague Zoo took 4th place, which confirms its global popularity!, the largest travel website, published a ranking of the world’s most popular zoological gardens based on assessments by millions of its users. Prague Zoo placed as forth zoo in the world!