Services for visitors

The chairlift is operated by the Prague Public Transit Company (Dopravní podnik HMP). It runs from March to December.

Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

The operating hours, as well as other information, are available at

The decision to run the chairlift under adverse weather conditions is made by the chairlift manager.


The fare is CZK 40 for a single ride (up or down) by passengers over 6 years of age. Children under 6 are transported free of charge, but only on the lap of a person over 15; each such person may transport only one child on his/her lap. Only coins can be used to obtain tickets from the ticket vending machines, which are located at the upper and lower stations. The vending machines do not give change; bills can be exchanged for coins from the cableway attendant. To speed up the handling of passenger groups, it is possible to buy a group ticket for six or more persons. The tickets for the cableway at the zoo are not valid for transport in other means of public transport. No other tickets or passes can be used for a ride on the cableway.