Visiting the zoo with your dog

Services for visitors

You can visit Prague Zoo even with your dog. Just remember that the dog must be kept on a leash and have a valid certificate of vaccination, which you should present when buying a ticket for the dog. You may not take the dog into pavilions, restaurant interiors, the Children’s area or the grounds of the farm inside the Children’s Zoo. Outside these places there are designated sites where you can leave your dog. The same rules hold for guide and assistance dogs.

Throughout the Zoo premises there are automatic dog drinking fountains, water bowls for dogs (bowls are available during high season) as well as trash cans with paper bags for cleaning up after your dog.

Admission fee for a dog is CZK 100 for a single entrance and CZK 350 for 12 entrances per year (Each dog must be accompanied by one adult person!)

It is forbidden to bring other animals into the zoological garden.