Restaurants and refreshment stands

Services for visitors

Throughout the zoo, there are many places for visitors to get food and drink, including restaurants, seasonal stands and drinks vending machines.

Gočárovy domy, foto (c) Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha Gočárovy domy, foto (c) Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha

Restaurants (open daily at 9 a.m., closing time depends on that of Prague Zoo; can heat up children’s food):


Oceán Restaurant  a self-service restaurant by the main entrance, under the stairs
Gulab Restaurant a self-service restaurant specializing in Indian cuisine; Elephant Valley, in the upper part of the zoo
Gaston Restaurant a self-service restaurant  
Café and sweet-shop Černohouska sweet-shop and café with a baguette and summer terrace in the upper part of the zoo 
Gočár’s House Inn
Czech cuisine 


Refreshment stands (open seasonally, from April to October; opening time at 9 a.m., closing time depends on that of Prague Zoo. Off season, irregular opening hours, depending on weather)


U Vyder (At the Otters)  by the otter exhibit
U Hrocha (At the Hippo)  at the northern entrance
V Oboře refreshment, grill – highest point in the zoo
U Převaláka (At Przewalski's horse) northern chairlift station
U Supa (At the Vulture) southern entrance
Amazonie (Amazonia Café) in the Bororo Reserve
U restaurace Oceán (By the “Oceán” Restaurant) by the main entrance
U restaurantu Gulab (By the Gulab Restaurant) between the Elephant Valley and the antelope exhibit
U Gibona (At the Gibbon Refreshments) in the middle of Water World
U trilobita (At the Trilobite)  
Černohouska café and cake shop

All restaurants on the zoo grounds accept payment cards.
All restaurants, cafés and refreshment stands on the zoo grounds accept_meal vouchers.

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Vending machines:

Throughout the zoo you can find vending machines that sell candy and cold and hot beverages.

Every refreshment facility is equipped with a recycling bin (for PET bottles).