World Orangutan Day 2014 at Prague Zoo

Palm oil

Zoo Praha  |  19. 09. 2014

On Saturday, August 16, 2014, Prague Zoo marked World Orangutan Day, the celebration of one of the most endangered great ape species on the planet.

 The wild population of Sumatran orangutans is estimated to number around 7,000 individuals. Despite their highly protected status, their numbers continue to decline as their natural habitat is fast disappearing to make way for new palm plantations. Prague Zoo, having already signed the Joint Zoo Statement on Palm Oil, set about informing visitors and orangutan fans about this threat.

Informed visitors could also show their support for the plight of orangutans by having their pictures taken for an orangutan fan picture gallery on the World Orangutan Day Facebook page.

At 3 p.m., Prague Zoo’s orangutan family got to enjoy an entertaining snack. They had to rummage through aptly decorated boxes to look for their favorite treats – which did not contain any palm oil.

Palm oil free enrichment for orangutans. Photo: Vít Lukáš, Zoo Praha.