Prague Zoo is Extending Breeding of Lions


22. 09. 2014

Three Indian Lions have arrived from Magdeburg to Prague. In the future the Zoo intends to focus on breeding of these carnivores even more.

Photo: Konstantin Ruske, Zoo Magdeburg Photo: Konstantin Ruske, Zoo Magdeburg

"Our interest in Indian lions is long standing. European breeding suffers as it has not been refreshed by a new blood for twenty years and. Therefore we established a direct cooperation with Indian partners," Miroslav Bobek, the Prague Zoo Director, revealed. But before it will be realized, the Zoo acquired a new lion family from Magdeburg.

"The male Parys is not new to Prague. He resided here shortly in 2004, and from 2010 to 2012," Pavel Brandl, the Curator of Mammals, said. "But meanwhile he has met his life partner Kalindi who has given him eight cubs. The last one, seventeen-month-old Sajani, joined them for their transport to Prague." The family exchanged places with a thirteen-year-old Aisha who departed for Israel within the European program EEP (European Endangered Species Program).

Parys and both females can be seen at the Pavilion of Large Cats in Prague Zoo.