Baby Bison Born in Prague Zoo


18. 08. 2014

A baby bison was born on Saturday 16th August. It has been thriving and can be seen in an exposition near the Obora view tower.

Baby bison, foto: Petr Hamerník, Zoo Praha Baby bison, foto: Petr Hamerník, Zoo Praha

His mother, a thirteen-year old cow, named Carmel from Antwerp Zoo, is an experienced mother of four. She doesn’t let her youngest child out of her sight. The baby’s father is Tjeko, born in Arhnem Zoo. Besides the baby, you can also see Kola, a male bison born in May 2014.

Bisons are the largest ungulates of North America. They are characterized by a large body with a raised hump on the shoulders and a bushy mane on the shoulders, neck and head. They live in herds usually consisting of an adult male, adult females and young bisons of various ages.