Zoo Prague Won Prestigious Award


20. 10. 2013

Prague Zoo joined the rank of 34 companies that were awarded the Superbrand title. Apart from the Zoo, the title boasts such brands as Amazon.com, UNICEF, The New York Times or Rolex.

 The results of the Czech Superbrand competition were announced on Thursday 3rd October. Thirty-four companies received the title, which is awarded in 90 world countries to the best brands.
Prague Zoo is top class

"Prague Zoo enjoys great popularity amongst the public. This is due to its unique enclosures, many activities as well as thanks to the long-term effort devoted to its brand image development. On top of that, Prague Zoo has celebrated great success in animal breeding and endangered species rescue programmes. This ranks the Zoo amongst the top world class institutions," says the Zoo Prague director, Miroslav Bobek.
Decisions made also by public

The selection was made on the basis of the five-cycle investigation. First of all, the Czech Patent Office made available the databases of Czech brands for Czech Superbrands. Out of this the organisers afterwards chose about fifty thousand of the most respected. Public and marketing experts narrowed this number to 800 and the Brand Council jury made of PR, media and communication experts decided on the winners. Apart from Zoo, the award was given also to the Eta the National Theatre.