Come to Prague Zoo for feedings with commentary and open pavilions


30. 06. 2021

Nowadays, visitors to Prague Zoo can see more than six hundred and eighty animal species. After many months, the majority of the pavilions are open and the public can finally see such wonders as the rare parrots in the Rákos’ House or watch Miss Jasmine, the tapir, going about her business in the outdoor areas. Commented feeding sessions await visitors every day, and Prague Zoo currently offers twenty of them.

Photo: Oliver Le Que, Zoo Praha Photo: Oliver Le Que, Zoo Praha

Almost the entire grounds of Prague Zoo have been open since June 30th. For example, the Indonesian Jungle is now open for the first time since autumn, and visitors can watch Kawi, a small, male Sumatran orangutan, as he frolics indoors and outdoors. Since reopening in mid-April, 377 babies have been born at Prague Zoo, most of which visitors can now observe in their expositions.

The female, white-nosed coati, Opička (Monkey), is taking care of her two long-awaited cubs in her enclosure. Jasmine, the young female South American tapir, is still wearing her “striped pyjamas”. You can find her in the lower part of the grounds.

During the summer months, visitors can once again look forward to watching the feeding of the Komodo dragons. This will take place once every four weeks. There will also be Watermelon Wednesdays for the giant tortoises and the regular veterinary training for the Cape fur seals is continuing. Throughout the summer there will also be other feedings with commentary and meetings with the animals, which take place until the afternoon. A full schedule can be found here.

Prague Zoo introduces visitors to animals and expositions they will not see anywhere else - the elephant princesses Lakuna and Amalee, a whole group of Tasmanian devils or Richard, the male, and the other western lowland gorillas.

The ticket offices are open every day from 9 am to 7 pm, but visitors can stay in the area until 9 pm. They can ride the cable car, with a gorgeous view of Prague, or visit the Children's Zoo and other attractions for our youngest visitors. The restaurants, souvenir shops and snack stands are all open too.

After many months, visitors to Prague Zoo can finally see Kawi, the baby Sumatran orangutan. These days, he and his mother, Mawar, are roaming the indoor and outdoor areas of the Indonesian jungle. Author: Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo.

In the lower part of Prague Zoo, visitors can observe Jasmine the female South American tapir. Born at the end of April, she is just two months old, however, she bears unique genes that have yet to be used in European breeding programmes. Author: Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo.

Photo: Oliver Le Que, Zoo Praha Photo: Oliver Le Que, Zoo Praha