A female elephant was born at Prague zoo


27. 03. 2020

In the early hours of Friday morning an Asian elephant came into the world at Prague Zoo. It is a female and weighs 92 kilograms. She and her mother Tamara are both well. The elephant’s father is Ankhor. Prague Zoo is expecting the birth of a second baby, the female Janita is also pregnant.

A baby Asian elephant was born in Prague Zoo. Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo A baby Asian elephant was born in Prague Zoo. Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

“I’m very excited that we finally have a female. Personally, I really wanted her, especially after the two boys, Max and Rudi,” said Miroslav Bobek, the director of Prague Zoo, adding in the same breath: “A huge thank you goes to my colleagues from Elephant Valley! Given the current situation, which makes it necessary to work in two separate teams, it was even more difficult for them than it would be under normal circumstances. We are now tensely awaiting the second elephant cow, Janita, to give birth.”

Tamara gave birth shortly after three o'clock in the morning. “She immediately stood with the calf between all four legs, protecting it. There was no reason for the keepers to interfere,” explains Pavel Brandl, curator of mammal breeding.

The lady elephant weighs 92 kilograms, which is the average weight for a newborn female Asian elephant. “She was standing on her own about twenty minutes after the birth and is already trying to drink from her mother,” adds top elephant breeder Martin Kristen.

You can watch a video of the birth at the new YouTube channel Zoo Shorts.

Prague Zoo has been keeping elephants since 1933 and following the birth of this baby the elephant group now has eight members in all. They inhabit Elephant Valley, which opened in March 2013, thanks to the support from the City of Prague and donations from thousands of people. The first baby elephant to be born and conceived in Prague Zoo, was born on 5 April, 2016 and was named Maxmilián (Max). His mother is Janita. Rudolf (Rudi) was born six months later to Tamara.

The female elephant was born on Friday morning and weighs 92 kilograms. Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo