Enrichment in Prague Zoo’s outdoor advertising


17. 05. 2019

Enrichment is a great theme for outdoor communication, which is why Prague Zoo chose it as the central theme for 2019.

A king vulture with a ball. Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo A king vulture with a ball. Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

What is its main message for the public? It tells them that Prague Zoo has ANIMALS IN COM-FORT, which is also the campaign’s headline. Thus the attractive images of animals receive another dimension – in addition to a certain, superficial promotional appeal, they also testify, in their own particular way, to the animals’ quality of life and the erudite work of Prague Zoo’s expert keepers.

Throughout the year billboards and city-light posters will show animals with various enrichment items. We will have an intensive campaign of explaining their specific meaning and point on social media networks and live in the zoo during a specially made programme for the public.

The ENRICHMENT PROGRAMME label will appear as a running theme on all the associated materials – in addition to outdoor posters, several versions of which are included here, it will appear on the programme leaflet, which we will distribute outside of the zoo, or on the information boards inside the zoo, where we will notify visitors about what event will be taking place.
With the city-lights, which have more space and thus the possibility of providing a bit more information, each motif will have a significant enrichment element pinned and explained.

Just as with last year’s campaign, RARE AND UNIQUE, this one too has a strong educational cross-over. So, besides traditional billboards and city-lights, we plan to distribute the above-mentioned programme leaflets and posters around schools in Prague and the Central Bohemia Region. 

Likewise, we want to run the campaign, by means of posters and leaflets, in Prague’s metro and trams.

The campaign launched in March with the following motifs:

  • BB: a Sumatran Orangutan with an ice-cream, a King Vulture with a ball, a Bush Dog with a stick,
  • CL: a Western Lowland Gorilla (Richard) with a toy (boomer ball), a Polar Bear with a barrel and, once again, the vulture with a ball.

The ENRICHMENT PROGRAMME’s theme and concept can be communicated and understood at an international level, which is especially good if we want to address incoming tourists, who flock to Prague in the summer. During this period, we are planning to distribute the English version of the programme leaflet around highly frequented tourist nodes, including Václav Havel Airport.

Vít Kahle