Prague Zoo signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ministry of Environment of Mongolia


10. 04. 2018

Today the director of Prague Zoo, Miroslav Bobek, and the Mongolian State Secretary, Tsengel Tsegmid, signed a Memorandum on the Protection of Endangered Animal Species in Mongolia. Prague Zoo’s activities in Mongolia, which have so far concentrated on the return and protection of the Przewalski’s Horse, will now also be extended to other ungulates, thanks to this memorandum.

Photo: Petr Hamerník Photo: Petr Hamerník

“For us the Przewalski’s Horse is literally an iconic species and we want to continue our work with it at an unmitigated level. There will be another transport of four mares to the Gobi in June,” said Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo’s director. “At the same time, however, we also want to contribute to the protection of other, extraordinarily rare and endangered species, especially the Mongolian Saiga and Wild Camels. As concerns the saiga, we are already funding research into them. In the case of protecting the Wild Camels, we support the rangers of the Great Gobi A Strictly Protected Area, but above all we want to take part in managing their captive breeding.”

The Memorandum was signed during a visit by the Mongolian delegation to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the CR.