31. 08. 2017

You can now contribute to the conservation of four endangered species - the Przewalski’s horse, the western lowland gorilla, the gharial or the Laotian rock rat – by using our unique kiosks with touch screens that have an integrated payment function. Prague Zoo is the first zoo in the world to operate such devices. There are five of them dotted around the zoo’s grounds and they allow visitors to choose which project they’d like to donate to.

These kiosks were installed at Prague Zoo in cooperation with Mastercard and Ingenico. The devices were made-to-measure for Prague zoo, which is the first in the world to use them for donations. Visitors can find three of them in the zoo’s lower grounds - by the Educational Centre, the Gorilla Pavilion and the Felines and Reptiles Pavilion – and another two in the upper grounds – by the Indonesian Jungle Pavilion and Elephant Valley.

The touch screens provide visitors with lots of interesting facts about Prague Zoo’s in-situ projects as well as allowing them to make an instant donation of CZK 50, 100, 200, 300 or 499 to one of four projects. The projects are: The Return of the Wild Horses (Przewalski’s horses) to the wilds of Mongolia, The Wandering Bus (conservation of western lowland gorillas and other endangered species in Central Africa), the protection of the gharial on the Chambal River in India or the conservation of the critically endangered Laotian rock rat in Laos.

There are two ways to pay, by holding a contactless payment card above the touch screen, or by using the Masterpass digital payment service when scanning a QR code. Both payment methods are simple, safe and fast.

Everybody who makes a donation, regardless of the amount, automatically receives an instant signature from the animal concerned in the form of a sticker with a footprint. Moreover, those that contribute CZK 499 will also receive a link to an online documentary film about reintroducing the Przewalski’s horse to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.