“Footprints in time” geotrail

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At the nine stops on this trail you can observe fossils (models and even originals) from every epoch in the evolution of life on Earth. This walk through prehistory, around three hundred meters long, starts in the Proterozoic and goes on through the Paleozoic down to the Quaternary period.

As you proceed from the mountain ungulates’ enclosures up to the Gočár’s Houses, each stop will introduce you to the leading group of organisms of the epoch. You will see an example of fossilized stromatolites or legendary trilobites, make the acquaintance of the rapacious Seymouria and check out the peaceful giant Deinotherium.

While grown-ups will be amazed at the jaws of the megalodon, a giant shark that would grow to up to 16 meters in length, or at Czech trilobites, we have prepared something different for the children: a sandbox hiding treasures from bygone times that not even a renowned paleontologist would be ashamed of discovering.

The information panels of the “Footprints in Time” Geotrail share a common link: a map that shows the changing position of Prague Zoo (if it had existed in those bygone times) on the planet as the continents moved around.

The geotrail was inaugurated on Saturday, March 31, 2012. The inauguration was attended by the geotrail authors Vlastimil Sloup and Jiří Ruml, his brother Jan and actors Zuzana Norrisová and Ondřej Brzobohatý