Commemorative medal vending machine

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Get a commemorative medal with your favorite animal! Commemorative medal vending machines are located at five sites on Prague Zoo premises. Each vending machine sells two types of medals for CZK 30 apiece. So you can acquire 10 different types of coins in total.

The machines do not return coins. They accept coins in the following denominations: CZK 20, 10, 5, 2, 1.

The commemorative coins are decorated with images of animal celebrities from the “Let’s Meet!” campaign.

  • Meloun – a South African fur seal
  • Eberhard – a Galápagos tortoise
  • Bikira – a western lowland gorilla
  • Kawi – a Malayan tiger
  • Shanti – an Indian elephant
  • Slávek – a hippopotamus
  • Kama – a Sumatran orangutan
  • Bora – a polar bear
  • Kvída – an aardvark
  • Nora – a Rothschild's giraffe