Parking lots

Services for visitors

Prague Zoo’s parking lots can accommodate around 870 cars. They close an hour after the zoo’s closing time.

A parking card that opens the exit gate is available for purchase at the ticket offices at the entrances to the zoo or at payment terminals located in the parking lots.

Parking lots:

  • Northern entrance – 120 cars
  • Under the castle (main entrance) – 100 cars
  • Southern entrance – 450 cars
  • Park and ride area* (at Povltavská Street) - 200 cars

+  a parking lot by the bridge to Císařský ostrov (Emperor's Island) – mainly for buses.
You can drive there by taking Sádky Street and following the traffic signs. Visitors arriving on tour buses can walk to the zoo along Povltavská Street.

This is a paid but not a guarded parking lot. Do not leave any valuables in your car!

One-day parking for buses: CZK 400 

One-day paking for cars: Single daily CZK 200

* Parking for 100 crowns per day. Also includes a shuttle service to the zoo and back. You can use this parking area in July and August daily, in September at the weekend and public holidays.