Director´s view

Director´s view
Director´s view

In my diary, I have a note from a Monday, July 13 meeting with our zookeepers. The note is about Kvída, our aardvark female, and it reads: “may give birth sooner”. We expected something like that based on her ultrasound exam results. But she managed to surprise us anyway and brought her baby into the world as early as early...

I was in the zoo for less than a week when young male orangutan Pagy swung on an overgrown branch and got into the visitors' space in the Indonesian Jungle pavilion. During a panic attempt to return he fell into the water moat and there is no doubt that it was only the quick action of his keeper that saved him from drowning.

Just now I have read that in this heat human hair heat up to 57°C and inside of a car even after a "mild airing out" the temperature can be 55°C.

One week ago, when after a rather difficult transport from Dolní Dobřejov, we released four mares of Przewalski´s Horse to the acclimatization enclosure in Gobi, we felt we could finally take a rest. Finished, done. But for Querida, Rabea, Kíra and Paradise this moment is only the beginning of their new life in the habitat,...

Done for the fifth time, it should have been routine - but transporting wild horses across a quarter of the globe is never a routine. Again we had to face expected and unexpected problems.

On the before last Sunday, June 14, at 10:30 am I noticed this title in the internet news of Czech Radio: "Flood hit Tbilisi and Zoo, animals running on the streets of the town". The second half of it was later changed to the even more dramatic headline "Carnivores, hippos and crocodiles run wild on the streets". But even the...

“The Last White Rhino in the World. We are sorry.” Or: “Last in the world: he has his own bodyguards.”

We are hosting 654 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish today. But there are also many animals which live in the Zoo free - and I am really curious how long their list could be! No doubt it is very long. And what if we include even the insects and other invertebrates!

I don´t know if ever any zoological garden participated at the World´s Fair, but for Prague Zoo, the just opened Expo 2015 in Milan means a historic premiere.

This Friday, April 24th, marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Jiří Janda