Statement of the Director of the Prague Zoo Miroslav Bobek about the new knowledge about the origin of the Prevalski horses


23. 02. 2018

A new study by Gaunitz et al. is extremely interesting, although not too surprising from our point of view.

Foto: Václav Šilha, Zoo Praha Foto: Václav Šilha, Zoo Praha

The relationship between wild Przewalski’s horses and domestic horses has been greatly debated in the past. In any case, this new look at the history of the Przewalski’s horse adds a new dimension to this fascinating story. Time will surely tell whether the conclusions of this study will enter into the textbooks, or whether they will be corrected by new findings, much the same way as one can witness, for example, in the study of the origins of mankind. Regardless, our view of Przewalski’s horse and its inherent connection with the steppes and semi-deserts of Central Asia is not changed by this study, and its significance and uniqueness is in no way diminished.

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