Keeper for a day

Zoo Praha / Prague Zoo

Get your childhood dream come true and become a keeper for a day!

Photo: Prague Zoo Archiv Photo: Prague Zoo Archiv

This special program is designated for all animal lovers who in their childhood wished to feed lions, take care of elephants, look into the eyes of a giraffe or keep an anaconda, but whose professional life took them elsewhere.

It is an exclusive insight into a regular day of a keeper at Prague Zoo, which you’ll remember till the end of your life!

You can choose from five different programs (exhibits) – on weekdays only:

  • 1. Elephant Valley – our elephant family, including two baby elephants born in Prague Zoo. (Elephant Valley is sold out  for this year. Thank you for understanding.)
  • 2. Feline and Reptile House – lions, tigers, leopards, caracals and other small cats
  • 3. African House – giraffes, aardvarks, meerkats
  • 4. Ungulates – camels, American and European bison, takins, peccaries, Przewalski’s horses
  • 5. Exotic birds – the pheasantry – approx. 70 species such as hornbills, tropical owls, pheasants, fruit-doves or small songbirds 

Prerequisites for applicants:

  • Majority
  • Civic integrity
  • Good health (not recommended for pregnant women!)

Price: CZK 12,000 per person (CZK 20,000 for two persons except Feline and Reptile House)
Available also as a gift.

The program is only for people over 18 years of age.

Price includes:

  • special T-shirt “Prague Zoo Keeper for 1 day”
  • lunch.
  • certificate “Keeper for 1 day” and gift items
  • photo-documentation from event
  • family day ticket (for a day of entertainment program)
  • professional consultation with relevant keepe

How to book the program:
Via e-mail: Please be sure to put „A Keeper for A Day“ in the email subject line. The date is arranged at least two weeks in advance and its confirmation depends on the animals’ situation at the time.

Special program Keeper for a day can only be taken on working days, not at weekends. 

 Total priceAdmission per personGuide

Selection from five programs. (2 persons CZK 20,000). Program can be ordered via e-mail:

CZK 12,000