Mobile Apps of Elephant Valley

Zoo Praha / Prague Zoo

Zoo Praha  |  13. 11. 2014

Discover the life of Asian elephants in the Prague Zoo! The mobile application will guide you through the Valley of Elephants and the area on the map will show you the best prospects from which you can look behind the scenes of their life.

Mobile application - the Elephant ValleyMobile application - the Elephant Valley

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Mobile apps can, however, much more! Introduces you to the entire breeding elephants in Prague Zoo, their way of life, reproduction, etc. In the section "Man and the Elephant" to learn interesting facts about the role of elephants in religion and rituals. You will know what life is like the elephant in the modern era and you learn about ways to protect them. These lessons learned can be verified by means fun quiz.

With our applications will change tour the Valley of Elephants in an unforgettable experience full of discovery!